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My Review Of Nitrocut Pre-Workout Supplement

As you probably don't already know, I am a "guinea pig" of sorts when it comes to trying out different pre and post-workout supplements. Over the years, I have always looked for some sort of edge to help boost my performance on and off the field, and have experimented with close to 100 products in this category. Not too long ago, I came across a product called Nitrocut, whis is a pre-workout supplement that is designed and manufactured right here in the US.

Nitrocut is actually a leading muscle building formula that has been used successfully by thousands of men worldwide, and it has literally been BLOWING UP on the supplement scene lately. I had a chance to try out a 6 months supply of nitrocut, and my results were no less than amazing. I wanted to talk a little bit about those results in this review, please read below to learn more.

My Results With Nitrocut

nitrocut reviewAfter reading about Nitrocut on a bodybuilding.com forum post, I was intrigued at the possibility of a product working so efficiently and with such great results. Most, if not all, of the reviews I read were very positive, with many saying they are continually using the product. So, on a leap of faith, I decided to order my own supply to see if I could also gain the same results.

I received my package relatively quickly, and began taking the pills right away. Unlike some of the other pre-workout boosters I had taken before, which left me feeling alert but jittery, Nitrocut was different. I hit the gym for a full hour and a half without stopping after the first dose, and knew I was on to something.

I also noticed that when I got home and had a post workout shake and a shower, that I wasnt completely exhausted like I normally was. We've all had the same feeling, and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. That feeling that your just completely drained and you can't do anything...well, I didnt get that at all. Best of all there was no crash at the end.

After using Nitrocut for about 3 weeks I noticed that my hard work was really paying off. My abs started to pop back out again, something I hadn't seen since I was in my early 20's. I also noticed that my arms and shoulders were looking a lot more defined than they did before. I felt so confident to take my damn shirt off at the beach again, without having a spare tire hanging over the edge of my bathing suit! I continued taking Nitrocut over the next several months, with breaks of about a week or 2 in between so that I didn't build up a tolerance to it.

Pro's of Nitrocut

  • Very potent formula that gave me real results
  • No jittery side effects or crash
  • Effects come on smooth and last for hours
  • Relatively inexpensive when compared to the competition
  • FREE shipping in the US
  • Tons of great reviews from other guys

Con's of Nitrocut

  • Not available in stores from what I can tell
  • Need to take up to 4 capsules per dosage for best results


My results with Nitrocut were very good, but of course, there is no way to tell for sure that you'll get the same results I did. I think that this formula has some real promise, and the fact that there are so many positive reviews from so many other customers is a real testament to the effectiveness of this supplement. Unfortunately, they don't sell it in stores like GNC, so you can't just run out to your local GNC and pick up a bottle. On the other hand this can be a good thing, as you usually pay full retail price when you buy from a retailer like that.

I think that Nitrocut could work for most, if not all, guys looking to get a huge boost in their workouts, as well as get ripped and cut quickly and easily. It's pretty obvious that you need to workout when you take Nitrocut to get the best results, but in the end, the results are well worth it!

Where To Find It?

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